Through the IT2RHINE 2020 E-Commerce project, the partners will implement a strategy to develop crossborder e-commerce in the Upper Rhine Region.

What is the Upper Rhine Region?

The Upper Rhine territory is a crossborder zone on the French, German and Swiss borders. It covers

  • Alsace
  • North west Switzerland
  • South Palatinate and
  • part of the Bade region.




It is a crossborder region with a dynamic IT sector, of a sufficient size to formulate useful recommendations, and is rich in high qualified specialised skills. However, despite this background, crossborder e-commerce is struggling to take off.


The project actions within the Upper Rhine

The project has set-up the following actions to evaluate and understand how the progression of the sector actors is affected by their difficulties, needs and preoccupations:

  • An in depth analysis of the overall context of e-commerce in the Upper Rhine
  • A barometre of e-commerce in order to follow the activity of severall key e-merchants in the area.
  • A comparative overview by sector of French and German e-commerce sites in the Upper Rhine
  • Promotion of specific Upper Rhine e-commerce training courses
  • A crossborder job and internship exchange